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5.8 GHz 50W Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter/Receiver/Amplifier

5.8 GHz 50W Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter/Receiver/Amplifier
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This product is discontinued and replaced with the L1600

The Model 1550 wireless speaker kit will untie your speakers. No more running long speaker cables. Set up your home theater rear speakers or install speakers in another room without a big cabling project. The Model 1550 comes with two separate wireless receivers for each speaker.

The transmitter will send the music at 5.8 GHz to the wireless receivers up to 200 feet **. You will enjoy true CD quality with uncompressed digital wireless audio. Each receiver has a mono speaker amplifier built in and connects directly to any passive loudspeaker. The built-in 50Watt amplifiers deliver the efficiency of conventional class-D amplifiers while at the same time delivering far lower audio distortion.

Key Features

  • True CD-quality wireless: The Model 1550 wireless speaker kit utilizes advanced uncompressed wireless audio transmission to achieve true CD quality. Due to the low latency the signal from the wireless speaker kit is virtually free of any delay and the wireless speakers will be in perfect sync.
  • State-of-the-art digital amplifier: Each energy-efficient wireless amplifier provides 50 Watts per channel at a distortion of only 0.05 % for audiophile music playback. Due to the amplifier's high efficiency, no cooling is required and all you will hear is the music.
  • Transmit any audio signal: The Model 1550 transmitter can connect to virtually any audio source. Connect the transmitter directly to amplified speaker outputs of your home-theater receiver to make your rear speakers wireless or connect to the RCA output of your DVD or to the sound card of your computer. With it's volume control the transmitter can adjust to any audio source and offer it's full dynamic range.
  • Simple Plug & Play Setup: Setting up your Model 1550 is incredibly easy. No technical or wiring expertise is required. And no need to run long speaker wires or break through walls or rewire your house. Each wireless amplifier measures 5 x 3.5 x 2 inches only and easily mounts to a speaker. Add any number of additional wireless amplifiers in other rooms.

Package Contents:

  • 5.8GHz Wireless Transmitter
  • Qty=2 5.8GHz Wireless Receivers with integrated audio amplifiers
  • NOTE -- Speakers NOT included!

Optional Accessories:

  • Order an additional pair of Wireless Receivers (to drive 2 additional speakers concurrently)


Technical Specifications

Wireless Transmitter:

Audio transmission


Transmit Frequency

5.8 GHz

Error correction

1/2 rate Forward Error Correction (FEC)

Transmit data rate

3 Mbps

Operating Range

Max 200ft (60m) clear line of sight

Wireless Reveiver:

Output Power

2 x 50 W (peak); 2 x 30 W (rms)

Frequency response

2 Hz - 23 kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)


Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

0.05% @ 25W

Overall audio latency


Power Efficiency

75% @ 25W

Channel Separation


Dimensions 5" x 3.5" x 2" (easily mounted to speakers)

** The 200ft estimate assumes a clear line-of-sight between the transmitter and receivers with no obstructions and no 5.8GHz interference e.g from portable phones. The range is decreased with each wall or obstruction between the line of sight.


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This product is subject to special return provisions so please carefully read the attached .
Please check with Wireless Technical Support Team if are not sure that this product will meet your individual needs. Also please realize that despite the high performance of this product, a wireless solution will probably never compete with a high performance wired solution in audio quality. See the Wireless Technical Forums to learn more.
NOTE that the 200ft maximum range is based on a clear line-of-sight. While it's difficult to prevent the effect of obstructions since each users location is different you can expect about 50ft range through a few standard walls. Clearly brick walls would attenuate the signal much more than a glass patio door for example..

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