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Cellular 3G data enables economical & reliable backhaul of SCADA & M2M systems

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RfWeL leverages it's expertise in broadband wireless access, wireless control & WWAN solutions to offer wireless video solutions and wireless video data backhaul to enable remote surveillance. We provide project design consultation, installation services & equipment training in support of wireless CCTV systems, covert surveillance and upgrade of existing video systems to support remote monitoring or remote backup

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Example Remote Wireless Portable Video Surveillance (Trailer Mounted)
A typical portable wireless video surveillance system is shown below which is suitable for use in construction projects, emergency management incident command, outdoor events such as concerts and fairs as well as other temporary surveillance situations. RfWeL's expertise in remote wireless data solutions allows us to design and deliver total surveillance solutions. Key system components include:
Trailer Wireless Video Surveillance > All-IP high performance camera systems from Axis wireless which include outdoor rated PTZ domes with 2-way audio & API programming interface for customer customizations more
> Video aggregation to local command center or to local backhaul system using point-to-point (PtP), point-to-multipoint (PtMp) and mesh networks to allow convenient and cost-effective deployment more
> Long distance wireless video transmission from several hundreds meters to several kilometers allowing to connect wireless cameras or wired camera to a remote storage/monitoring network more
> 3G & 4G systems to backaul video from remote locations. 3G systems include CDMA based EVDO Rev0 & RevA and GSM based UMTS/HSUPA/HSPA+. 4G systems include WiMax and LTE broadband systems. Satellite BGAN/VSAT systems for totally remote video backhaul more
> Solar photovoltaic & high capacity outdoor battery backup solutions to power remote cameras and remote data backhaul systems more
> Wireless RF components/ accesories and radio site hardware for a complete total solution including amplifiers (for WiFi/ cellular data), antennas (cellular, WiFi, WiMax, LTE), lightning surge protectors, outdoor ruggedized enclosures, low-loss cables, radio towers, masts & antenna mounts etc

Example Remote Wireless Solar Powered Surveillance System

Wanco Trailer Mount Video Surveillance System

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Whether for public safety or for personal use, high speed, low-latency and low cost wireless data networks have made possible exciting new techniques for remote video surveillance. We focus on applications where remote video needs to be transmitted with high quality from remote locations and viewed from anywhere in the world. The solution space for these applications encompasses two main disciplines: video surveillance (CCTV Cameras) and wireless video transmission (wireless backhaul technology). The former has been around for decades. The latter which was previously only available to very specialized law-enforcement organizations is now readily available using off-the-shelf, economical and high high performance components.


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Mesh Video Surveillance Case Study - Yuma, AZ

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