Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Rfwel Engineering can help you in your HVAC control solution. We specialize particularly in wireless control interfaces to various popular HVAC systems.  We have a team of dedicated York HVAC specialists who compiled the following Wireless Replacement Remote Controllers and associated the remotes with their corresponding compatible indoor units. We are a licensed Engineering firm (Reg#17227) and licensed Contractor (ROC#322820) should you need engineering support in designing your York-based HVAC control solution and/or installation assistance.


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Please contact us if you cannot find the remote compatible with your indoor unit.


Indoor Unit Models Supported By Remote Control Available at these Online Market Places

York DRCR Original HVAC Remote Control

DRCR image

Compatible with: York DHR18NKB21S, DHR24NKB21S, DHR30NKB21S, DHR36NKB21S, DHR42NKB21S, DHR48NKB21S

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York DRCY Original HVAC Remote Control

DRCY image

Compatible with: York DHY09NWB21S, DHY12NWB21S

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