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4G LTE USB & CPE Modem Outdoor Antenna Kits

Outdoor antenna kits for 4G LTE 700MHz band13 (Verizon Wireless). Also includes multi-band antennas for use in Cellular 3G EVDO RevA band 800/1900MHz.

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Outdoor antenna kits for 4G LTE 700MHz band13 (E.g. Verizon Wireless) or 4G LTE 2100MHz (E.g. AT&T). Also includes multi-band antennas for use in Cellular 3G EVDO RevA band 800/1900MHz.

Included Components: (use drop-down list to select what it to be included as part of your kit)

  1. Antenna (Use drop-down list to select style and frequency band)
  2. LMR-400 Low Loss Coaxial Cable (select length or contact us for LMR-600 cable for runs > 100ft)
  3. Pigtail specific to modem option selected below
  4. Appropriate adapter to allow pigtail selected to mate to coaxial cable. Often N-Female/FME-Female connector since most pigtails have FME-Male port and coaxial cable has N-Male port.
  5. Lightning protection & jumper to ease installation of lightning protector.


USB & CPE Modems Supported (select your modem from drop-down list below)
  Port Type/ Adapter SKU   4G LTE Modem
  • AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G LTE
  • Rogers LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S Mobile Hotspot

Stock AlertNote that unlike Verizon LTE which operate in the 700MHz band, these devices operate in the 2100MHz band for LTE. Be sure to select the correct antenna from drop-down list!

  • Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot (Novatel Wireless MiFi 4510L)
  • Pantech UML290 4G LTE USB Modem
  • Verizon Wireless 4G LTE USB Modem 551L (Novatel Wireless Ovation MC551)
  U.FL i
  • Used by several Mini PCI Express Modules for example:
    • Sierra Wireless Airprime MC7700 LTE Wireless Module (LTE /HSPA+)
    • Novatel Wireless Expedite E362 4G LTE

Stock AlertNote that U.FL Connectors are NOT designed for frequent matings!.

  Not Available ii
  • LG VL600 4G LTE modem
  • Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot SCH-LC11

Stock AlertThe pigtails for these modems are not available and/or not stocked. Contact us for update.


You may order additional pigtails separately.

i) U.FL NOT designed for frequent matings. See forums for more.
ii) Consider using wireless cellular repeater for 3G band only.


4G LTE Antenna Kit Options

700MHz LTE 10dBi Outoor Yagi Antenna


LTE Band13 10dBi Yagi Antenna

Rfwel SKU


Frequency Range

746 - 787 MHz

Gain(dBi) 10
Beamwidth (Az/El) 35°/30°
Size 30" x 10" x 2.4"
F2B Ratio >18dB
Construction Al
Cable/ Connector/ Mounting

10ft cable w/ N-female connector. Mount in 1.25-2.5 mm dia pole. Pole mount brackets included.

700MHz LTE 10dBi Outdoor Panel Antenna
Image LTE 700MHz Outdoor Panel Antenna
Rfwel SKU


Frequency Range 746-787MHz
Gain(dBi) 10
Polarization Vertical
Beamwidth (Az/El) 152°/35°
Size 30" x 10" x 5"
F2B Ratio >25dB
Construction Al reflector, Gray UV resistant plastic radome.
Cable/ Connector/ Mounting

N-female connector. Mount in 1.25-2.5 mm dia pole. Pole mount brackets included.

700MHz/ 800MHz/ 1900MHz  LTE/Cellular 2.5dBi Outdoor MIMO Panel Antenna
Image LTE MIMO diversity panel
Rfwel SKU

WMM-7-27    NOT FOR AT&T 4G LTE!!!

Frequency Range Works for both 3G & 4G.
698-960 MHz, 1710-2700 MHz (LTE Band13, Cellular, PCS, AWS, WiFi, WiMax)
Gain(dBi) 2.5
VSWR(50 Ohm) ≤2.5:1
Size(inches) 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5"
Cable/ Connector 2x 16FT Cable w/ FME-Female Connector.
- Note that these are two antennas integrated into one radome so you can use for MIMO multiantenna systems or for antenna diversity.
- Note that this is a multi-band antenna and thus can be used for both 4G LTE at 700MHz, 3G at 850/1900MHz, GPS at 1.5GHz, WiFi at 2.4GHz, 4G WiMax at 2.6GHz as well as support for AWS band 1700/2100MHz.
- Note also that this is only a unity gain (2.5dBi) antenna. As such it should be used only to overcome indoor coverage problems where the outdoor signal is quite strong!
700MHz 4G LTE, 4G WiMax, 850/1900 MHz 3G Cellular/PCS Low-Profile (Mobile) Antenna
Image Magnet mount 4G LTE antenna
Frequency Range

694-894 MHz / 1.7 - 2.7 GHz (Cellular, PCS, AWS, WiMax, LTE)

Stock Alert May use for LTE at 2100MHz e.g. AT&T or for LTE at 700MHz e.g. Verizon.

Gain(dBi) 3
VSWR(50 Ohm) ≤2.0:1
Polarization Vertical
Size(inches) ø1.75" x 3" Height
Construction ABS Plastic
Cable/ Connector 10ft RG-58U w/ SMA-Male Plug Connector
2100MHz 4G LTE, 850/1900 MHz 3G Cellular/PCS Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna
Image 3G Cellular, 4G AT&T LTE Antenna
Rfwel SKU TSCL295-PW
Frequency Range

850/900/1700/1800/2100 MHz (Cellular, PCS, AWS, WiMax, LTE 2100)

Stock Alert NOT FOR VERIZON 4G LTE!!! May use for LTE at 2100MHz e.g. AT&T. May also use with Verizon 3G.

Gain(dBi) 9
VSWR(50 Ohm) ≤1.5 : 1
Polarization Vertical
Size(inches) ø1.0" x 18" Height
Construction White, UV stable poly-urethane coating, stainless steel ferrule
Cable/ Connector N Female connector (no cable). Supplied L- bracket for pole/wall. To mount the 295-PW to a 1.25" threaded male mount such as the marine mount, use the F114 double female ferrule.
  • Contact us to replace with other 4G LTE Antennas
  • For other Cellular band (850MHz/1900MHz/AWS) antennas see out cellular-antenna selection page.
  • For 4G WiMax pigtails & antennas see our WiMax page.

icon_exclamation It is the users responsibility to ensure that any client antennas used don't cause the radiated power to exceed regulatory limits. Remember that too much directional gain is just as bad as too little. For help in RF link budget analysis please ask. These antennas are not intended to extend coverage outside official coverage zone but rather for improving in-building coverage as discussed in this article. For more on this please visit the users forums

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