Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Case Studies

Industry: Telecommunication
Products: Multi-WAN routers, 4G/5G LTE Modems, Cellular and Wi-Fi Antennas, Cable systems
Region Various homes in the US



Our client needed to improve performance of their home connections using two wired connections and a cellular connection. These connections would need to be load balanced and certain criterion on the connections be met. For instance, the multi-WAN router would need to limit the cellular connection to certain limit on the BW and set different outbound rules on how connectivity will utilize the WAN connections in terms of priority, or weighted balance.

The setup includes a multi-WAN router capable of load balancing and failover, 1 or 2 wired WAN connections, and a cellular connection.


Industry: Public Transport
Products: High performance WWAN routers, EVDO modems, Point-to-Point Wireless bridges, Celluar & 5GHz antennas, cable systems.
Region: U.S.A, Mesa, AZ



The City of Mesa in partnership with Arizona's Valley Metro needed to integrate a remote wireless communication system for a dynamic messaging system for the newly construction Main Street Bus Rapid Transport system.

System includes 3G WWAN systems for remote dynamic messaging system monitoring/control and Point-to-Point (PtP) links as alternative for copper/fiber for cross-link communication.

Industry: Large Outdoor Event
Products: Outdoor wireless PtMp radios, WWAN routers & 3G Cellular modems, LAN equipment.
Region U.S.A, Ossipee Valley - Hiram, ME



Up North Productions Inc. was interested to obtain an economical, reliable and high performance temporary WiFi hotspot and LAN network for their upcoming production. The WiFi hotspot was to cover various zones in the sprawling 5 acre fairground and campsite and to enable Internet connectivity of various ATM, Ticket Scanners, vendor booths & box offices at several venue entrances as well office equipment. The three day music and arts festival approximately was expected to attract five thousand attendees.

Industry: Public Safety - Fire Protection
Products: Long range PtP millimeter wave microwave radio (60GHz), 5GHz radio, link aggregation multiWAN router
Region: U.S.A, Menlo Park, CA



Menlo Park Fire Protection district was interested in replacing their aging T1's and create a high performance link between existing site and a newly acquired site. The cost of laying a new fiber optic link was prohibitive.

To obtain the high performance - high reliability, high full duplex throughput and high security we used unlicensed 60GHz radios which offered exceptional physical security (narrow beamwidth) and data security (AES encryption). For redundancy we used an OFDM-based high performance 5GHz PtP link and bonded the two links for failover & load-balancing using an industry-leading multiWAN router.