Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Welcome to RFWEL Engineering

We are an Arizona Registered Engineering firm (Reg#17227, Electrical) and a Licensed Low Voltage Communications Contractor (ROC#322820, Commercial) specializing in helping clients in various industries design, install, configure, and maintain wireless communication and control systems, and solve complex signal capacity and coverage issues. We are experienced in designing custom wireless links for backhaul of remote system data for control or monitoring of remote devices. As part of our total solution approach, we custom-manufacture several key wireless infrastructure components, and assist our clients in procuring other equipment needed for their project saving them time, costs, and headaches.


Indoor Coverage Solutions

Improve signal strength for increased speed, coverage, and reliability.

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Custom Wireless Links

Wireless Links

Licensed & unlicensed high throughput or enhanced coverage links.

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Wireless Monitoring & Control

Wireless IoT solutions to control and monitor remote systems.

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Remote Power Solutions

Power solutions for remote sites including power control and battery backup.

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Wireless Site Infrastructure

Radio enclosures, cables, towers, mounts, signal conditioners, and more.

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MEUS (Mitsubishi Electric United States) releases a second-generation Mitsubishi ductless Wireless interface 2 (PAC-USWHS002-WF-2) that supersedes Wireless Interface 1(PAC-USWHS002-WF-1), retaining all its functions and adds a feature for concurrent use with MHK1 controller kit. The PAC-USWHS002-WF-2 adds a second 5-pin interface (identified with a red connector), a port which the MHK1 is connected to.

Rfwel introduces another high quality, high gain, wide bandwidth, and low profile log-period dipole array (LPDA) antenna: RFWLP072711DNF. This high performance, low-cost, antenna allows us to provide a new high gain antenna kit for boosting the cellular signal to your cellular hotspots, LTE home phones, routers, and modems. Due to the high gain of this antenna kit, we were able to pair it with a 200-series low loss cable which has an attenuation of 6.1 dB/100 ft at 600 MHz and attenuation of 13.5 dB/100 ft at 2700 MHz