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Small and Medium sized businesses increasingly rely on 4G LTE and upcoming 5G NR cellular routers and gateways for primary or redundant high speed Internet connectivity.

The three typical business use cases for cellular routers are:

  • Wired internet + Single- or Multi-WAN router for link aggregation and/or redundancy/failover



                                         Single/ Multi-WAN Router as the Failover/ Redundant Link                                            


Business has primary internet connection (T1/DSL/Cable/Fiber) but reverts to cellular when primary connection fails. Fastest speed and reliability but also highest cost. 

  • Multi-WAN router for primary connection



Multi-WAN Router as Primary Connection


Primary internet connection is cellular + 1 or 2 cellular lines for redundancy/ failover. Faster than single WAN but higher equipment and monthly subscription cost.

  • Single WAN router for the primary connection



 Single WAN Router Connection 


Primary connection is cellular with no redundancy/ failover. Lowest hardware and subscription cost.

Benefits of cellular connection for businesses:
  • Quick installation – just buy router, activate SIM card, and your online!
  • Can be Cheaper than wired Internet, especially for light Internet users in rural locations not readily served by major ISPs.
  • Can be more secure than wired connection – LTE/NR has exceptional security.
  • Redundancy – easy to aggregate multiple LTE/NR links to create redundancy when one network fails. Very easy to add more connections by simply activating more SIM cards from different tier 1 operators.
  • Can be more appropriate for IoT devices and M2M applications particularly those in extended coverage areas not readily reachable by traditional ISP network

Typical businesses that rely on cellular connectivity:

  • Connecting branch offices and providing high speed internet access for end devices.

Provides primary/ secondary internet access to remote offices allowing them to access services like email, cloud, video conferencing etc.



 Connecting Remote Branch Offices


  • Linking your CCTV camera feeds to a central location and in real-time.

Provide remote live feed of your offices, site, or other areas of interest thus reducing the need for security personnel.


 Remote Video Surveillance


  • Interlinking your IoT devices and facilitating M2M communication.

To relay data from sensors and other data acquisition devices to enable control.



 IoT & M2M Communication


At RFWEL Engineering we offer you solutions to boost both thereby improving your network performance. Typical solutions would include using external high gain antennas or sampling any of these options available from our antenna kits portfolio.

However, these are passive solutions and, in some instances, may not fully meet your transmission signal requirements. In such cases, you then require cellular signal boosters to improve your indoor coverage. It involves the use of signal amplifiers and range extenders to maximize coverage and eliminate dead zones.



 Cellular Improvement using Antenna Kits and Signal Amplifiers


Featured Application:
Cellular in the Construction Environment

Most medium-sized construction projects usually lack existing internet infrastructure that they can directly tap into during the construction process. This can either be due to remote site locations (no existing infrastructure) or owners needing to wait for building completion before having the ISPs connect the tenants directly. It is however becoming standard practice for sites to have a high-speed internet connection. Cellular routers offer several advantages for modern construction sites.

  • They allow for remote monitoring of site operations via CCTV thus improving security and reducing cost by minimizing number of security officers.
  • Facilitating on-site communications by allowing for communication with clients, partners, and colleagues i.e., accessing mails, IM platforms, web browsing, file sharing etc.
  • Facilitating M2M communication for IoT-enabled smart machines i.e., sensors that can map out the structure of your project to enable you to develop CAD designs for better build. This becomes very critical for cloud-based CAD software services. 

A typical site would have the following components:

Component Function
Cellular Router (Multi-WAN) Combines multiple ISPs at the same time to offer failover capabilities. It automatically switches to the stronger signal in case of fluctuations in the primary. Presence of 5GE ports and 1 SFP port for wired connections.
Cellular Amplifiers
(Signal Boosters)
Amplifies weak cellular signals to give a boosted signal for improved data rates.
Antenna Kit A multiband portable antenna for 2G, 3G, 4G applications to increase your signal reception. These usually operate at specific bands.
Solar Power Supply (With UPS)

Provides uninterrupted DC output power at 12/24V from the connected battery string. This can be delivered as POE or unregulated DC. It can also be fed to an inverter to provide AC power to other equipment.

Most sites also have a mains power supply which can be fed to a UPS system to provide continuous power supply in case of outages

PtP Radio 5GHz radio delivering up to 100Mbps for point-to-point wireless connections. It serves as link to your remote site from the main operations center or locally extends the network locally within your site.


Find here the link to available frequency bands worldwide for 5G NR and 4G LTE cellular communication. This will help you identify operational frequency requirements for your device and whether its compatible with your location.
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