Remote Wireless Infrastructure

RfWeL offers solar photovoltaic solutions for Broadband Wireless Access Networks and Remote Video surveillance networks. Based in Phoenix Arizona with one of the highest solar insolations in North America, RfWeL has access to an ideal validation ground for high output off-grid solar systems that enable the reach and value of our Wireless WAN networks & remote wireless backhaul systems


Solar Solution for Broadband Wireless and Video Surveillance Systems
solar system

Whether implementing a Video/CCTV surveillance project in a remote location or a Wireless Internet access project, contact us for a free consultation on your alternative energy requirements. An RfWeL Solar PV specialist, working closely with our in-house broadband wireless access and remote video surveillance experts, will guide you through the alternative energy portion of your project including:


> Calculating typical power dissipated by your WWAN & Remote Surveillance equipment

> Formulating realistic goals for alternative energy and backup battery capacity

> Selection of complete solar system components including type of enclosure to house wireless radio equipment

> Selection of mounting styles & location.


RfWeL also offers mobile battery pack solutions for mobile data solutions such as for command & control Learn More

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Example Drawing: Solar for Wireless Video Backhaul

Solar PV System for Wireless Data Systems

                                                                            Solar for Remote PtP Wireless Communicaton

Solar Pole Mount Kit

                                                                                         Solar for Video Surveillance


Solar for Remote Surveillance


High capacity solar PV arrays are often used to enable monitoring of remote assets, for temporary power and backup/redundancy. RfWeL specializes in enabling remote data transmissions offering both power and communication solutions. Learn More



Contact Us an RfWeL Solar Specialist Solar PV sizing and to discuss your options and pricing.