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Rfwel addresses the wireless data communication needs of first responders, disaster recovery personnel, relief workers among many other people and departments that serve the honorable role of mitigating the inevitable.


Medical Emergency

The key to successful emergency response is data availability which is challenging to achieve when the disaster disrupts the infrastructure. Of of the most resilient forms of data, communications is due to the fact that most common disasters don't disrupt the medium (air/space) and the infrastructure is more easily brought back online for example in a setup that consists of (a cellular base station on wheels or even better more robust configurable or self-healing wireless mesh networks)

Existing Case Studies conducted on wireless data communication needs:


Burners Without Borders

St Lucie County Sheriffs Dept


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Below are the most commonly found contents of a mobile command center using Wireless data backhaul




Linksys Warrior Battery Pack TopGlobal Mobile Command Center TopGlobal MB9000 Router
Wireless Data Backhaul: The ubiquity of 4G LTE and 5G NR Cellular data networks and the unmatched price-performance ratio has enabled this 4G LTE and 5G NR Cellular data based on 4G LTE and 5G NR to be the backhaul of choice in urban/suburban areas and in rural/remote areas more
Remote Power Options: Usually, it's important to provide an alternate source of power depending on the specific application or to provide redundant power even when a primary source is available. RfWeL offers different remote power solutions ranging from high capacity Lithium-Ion or Lead Acid batteries to Fuel cells or Solar PV Cells depending on the Watt-Hour requirements more
  RF Power Amplifiers: When using cellular 4G LTE and 5G NR data backhaul it's important to ensure that the data modems have sufficient received signal strength and transmit power for reliable data rate. RfWeL offers solutions to amplify & repeat the cellular signal as well as to boost the WLAN radios depending on how far the mobile command team is dispersed more
  High Gain Antennas: Again for the example of cellular 4G LTE and 5G NR data backhaul antennas to cover both the cellular frequency spectrum in use or the WLAN protocol in use are often needed to ensure reliable communication. Even when there's sufficient signal strength, these antennas and accompanying low loss coaxial cables help keep away the data modems from RF shields such as enclosures and other obstacles in the vicinity more
  Other Communication Devices: Most command centers also leverage the IP network established to tether other communication devices such as VOIP phones. These often require additional hardware in themselves as well as hardware to modify existing networks to handle the extra backhaul load with good quality of service. Contact us to learn more.
  Mobile Wireless Routers & Switches: To work effectively as a team it's important to create a Wireless LAN network to allow client computers to configure in infrastructure or ad-hoc mode and share the common data backhaul medium more


Extending Range of Local Wi-Fi Using High Power bridge AP (Access Point)


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