Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Rfwel addresses the wireless data communication needs of first responders, disaster recovery personnel, relief workers among many other people and departments that serve the honorable role of mitigating the inevitable. 


Emergency services rely on fast response times, accurate information, and support technologies such as facial and number plate recognition, and video streaming. These services are interconnected via LTE or 5G-NR for cross-communication between emergency service teams and command centers to allow for mobile access and information sharing which ultimately save lives.



Applicable segments

• Police/ Security services

1. Security Surveillance (CCTV cameras)

Public and private video surveillance is a tool to monitor population movements and to prevent crime and terrorism, both in the private and public sectors.
Videos from these cameras are integrated into Video Integration Center.
4G LTE or 5G-NR routers are used for connectivity.


 Contact us to purchase pre-packaged remote surveillance kits with pre-sized solar power, outdoor enclosure , LTE/5G NR connectivity , and an IP PTZ camera such as AXIS Q8752-E Bispectral PTZ (to be purchased separately).


2. 4G LTE in-vehicle networking

A 4G LTE in-vehicle networking solution can help by giving your officers access to the information they need when they need it regardless of their location.


Contact us to purchase different vehicle antennas  and vehicle pigtails for a firm device to antenna connections .


• Ambulance services

With a secure mission-critical broadband connection, medical systems can report real-time patient data, complemented by video for added insights.
Central management systems with LTE connections can help HQ staff to monitor and manage
operations in real-time using a virtual dashboard


Contact us to purchase different vehicle antennas  and replacement accessories for mobile and portable LMR/LTE radios.


• Fire and rescue services

Accessing the latest building plans on the go, or live streaming footage from body-worn cameras, connectivity can dramatically help to improve scene management by creating a real-time picture of what is happening on the ground.



Contact us to purchase different vehicle antennas    and vehicle pigtails for firm device to antenna connections  . Consider MIMO antennas (use two or more antennas or integrated MIMO antennas) for improved reception. Read more on MIMO here.


• Hybrid LMR/LTE Systems

Traditional land mobile radios LMR like TETRA and P25 offer fast call set up and fast PTT. however, they are not built for “bandwidth-heavy” applications. New mobile radios with LTE technology provide reliable and fast connectivity with higher capacities.



For reliable LTE/NR connections, devices may require:

• Cellular antennas

4G LTE and 5G NR data backhaul antennas to cover both the cellular frequency spectrum in use or the WLAN protocol in use are often needed to ensure reliable communication. Check more here.


• Amplifiers

Use to ensure edge devices have sufficient received signal strength and transmit power for reliable data rate. RfWeL offers solutions to amplify & repeat the cellular signal as well as to boost the WLAN radios depending on how far the mobile command team is dispersed. more..

• Other

Most command centers also leverage the IP network established to tether other communication devices such as VOIP phones. These often require additional hardware in themselves as well as hardware to modify existing networks to handle the extra backhaul load with good quality of service.


Medical Emergency

Wireless communication is fundamental to emergency responders due to its resilience and ease of bringing up wireless networks in case of disasters. Most common disasters don't disrupt the medium (air/space) and the infrastructure is more easily brought back online. An example is a setup that consists of a cellular base station on wheels.

Existing Case Studies conducted on wireless data communication needs

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Sample Equipment Used in Emergency Response

Linksys Warrior Battery Pack TopGlobal Mobile Command Center TopGlobal MB9000 Router


Extending Range of Local Wi-Fi Using High Power bridge AP (Access Point)


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