Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Industry: Federal Government (EPA)
Products: Mobile long-range wireless hotspots w/ combined 3G EVDO/HSPA and 4G WiMax/LTE backhaul
Region: EPA Region 9 (Pacific Southwest)



For this project for EPA Region 9, Rfwel was tasked with outfitting Emergency Communication Trailers with mobile/nomadic wireless network for use inside the trailer and to provide a wireless hotspot to cover several hundred feet outside the trailer. We needed to utilize 3G/4G public carrier networks in such a way that we had reliable redundancy (since geography-specific signal coverage was not known apriori) as well as sufficient link-aggregation (load-balancing) to allow a good user experience for multiple concurrent users.


We used Peplink load-balancing routers, Cellular/WiMax 3G/4G modems, high gain Cellular/PCS/WiMax/LTE antennas, cellular RF bidirectional amplifiers and multiband diplexers to distribute multiple frequency band antennas using less cables and to same multiband modems.


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