Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Industry: Large Outdoor Event
Products: Outdoor wireless PtMp radios, WWAN routers & 3G Cellular modems, LAN equipment.
Region U.S.A, Ossipee Valley - Hiram, ME



Up North Productions Inc. was interested to obtain an economical, reliable and high performance temporary WiFi hotspot and LAN network for their upcoming production. The WiFi hotspot was to cover various zones in the sprawling 5 acre fairground and campsite and to enable Internet connectivity of various ATM, Ticket Scanners, vendor booths & box offices at several venue entrances as well office equipment. The three day music and arts festival approximately was expected to attract five thousand attendees.


The two main challenges that RfWeL faced were how to economically & reliably backhaul the wireless network with enough speed for a good Internet experience and seamless gate & box office operations and how to cover such a large area with a reliable temporary setup with zero downtime and little management from the single on-site technician stationed at the event.


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