Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Industry: Large Commercial Office Buildings
Products: Cellular Repeaters / Indoor Distributed Antenna  System (DAS)
Region Phoenix, Arizona



The Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) is the administrative and business operations hub of Arizona’s state government providing various services. Due to poor indoor RF signals, ADOA contacted Rfwel for an in-building cellular signal improvement in their two 6- story buildings in downtown Phoenix.


Rfwel’s Indoor Coverage experts conducted a detailed survey that included obtaining cell tower signal readings at the rooftop and multiple locations inside the buildings to determine the required indoor coverage solution. The degraded RF signals within the building were largely due to the buildings built to LEED certification standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) - the building materials and construction, including brick, block, steel, concrete, and windows that block UV Light, were more energy-efficient which reduced indoor cellular coverage. 


Rfwel recommended Wilson Electronics' Professional Rack-Mounted Commercial Signal Booster (Multi-Amplifier kit) which supports up to 16 broadcasts / inside antennas. Our wireless and low-voltage communications technicians installed the signal boosters in the two-story buildings with distributed antennas strategically positioned on each floor based on the number of served users. The RF link budget was carefully maintained using low loss coaxial cables suitable for the long cable runs and careful planning of the distribution of indoor antennas.




A post-site survey showed significantly improved signal strength on all relevant cellular bands in the building. Automatic gain control software in the signal boosters ensured that coverage was optimal throughout the buildings with certain areas receiving stronger signal strength than others based on demand.

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