Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless telemedicine systems, including emergency telemedicine and home or rural clinic monitoring requires reliable and secure communication which might not be reliably provided by existing Wi-Fi infrastructure (if any). Different wireless techonologies including Cellular 4G/5G and point-to-point fixed wireless access systems can allow reliable backhaul of data from remote wireless medical sensors to care providers or telemetry monitoring stations.


Example System Architecture

Example system architecture for telemedicine


A wireless telemedicine system can include for example:

  • Home care units such as wearable monitors for real-time data acquisition and transmission of vital signs.


  • Data communication and remote servers which receives, stores, and disseminates vital signs data from patients through a web-based interface over the Internet to monitor these data on pervasive devices.


  • Monitoring units or terminal devices such as laptops, and mobile phones through which clinicians and other healthcare professionals can acquire real-time patient data.

Sample cellular connectivity setup for wireless telemedicine

Telemedicine cellular setup

Rfwel’s Communications, Control, and Indoor-coverage teams can assist in the deployment or maintenance of wireless telemedicine systems for

  • Improved indoor coverage for cellular 4G/5G and Wi-Fi signals to ensure that the remote monitors, sensors, and communication portals can get the signal they need. This includes using external high gain antennas or sampling any options available from our antenna kits portfolio which can be a major boost in improving network coverage. Signal amplifiers, repeaters, and range extenders on the other hand boost network performance and eliminate dead zones. Learn more.


  • Pervasive communication using routers, gateways, and portable hotspots to ensure that the wireless data acquisition devices always have a reliable and secure backhaul in case of internet outage. Learn more.


Private LTE (CBRS) is slowly competing with Wi-Fi with numerous benefits including cost-effectiveness, minimum requirement for IoT readiness, unnoticeable mobility, and clean spectrum for mission critical deployments.

Here are some of the sample CBRS devices and CBRS antennas for consideration. Learn more.

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