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Enclosures for Remote Radios

The enclosure is almost as important as the hardware it protects. RfWeL offers various pre-fabricated enclosures as well as custom-built enclosures to suite your mounting style, environmental conditions as well as your custom application hardware. Whether you need a NEMA-4+ enclosure with very custom requirements or just a simple indoor/outdoor enclosure, fill out the form below and an enclosures expert will contact you with pricing and lead time.

Rfwel can customize your remote radio enclosure based on application and environmental hazards including encolures for harzadous environments. Fill out form below to get started.
Example of Enclosure for 3G Broadband Router & Amplifiers (see below for more)
D-Link EVDO Network w/ Enclosure
Fill out the contact-us form to have a wireless support specialist contact you about your enclosure needs. For pre-fabricated enclosures click here
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