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Cellular 3G data enables economical & reliable backhaul of SCADA & M2M systems

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Broadband Wireless Access -- Augment or Bypass the Copper of Fiber Point-to-Point Antenna

Broadband Wireless Access Overview

Next generation broadband wireless IP networks continue to enable a plethora of new applications and as different technologies & protocols struggle to co-exist in the finite wireless space, networks get more complicated & quality of service ellusive without a value-added reseller partner to bring it all together. Rfwel is an expert in deploying long range wireless links to bridge remote locations Learn more



Point to Point Wireless Network


Point to Multi-Point Network


Mesh Network Topologies


Fixed & Mobile LTE Networks

It's important to understand when it makes sense to deploy a long range wireless link vs using 3G or 4G access technologies such as Cellular EVDO, HSxPA and WiMax. Often it is more economical, even considering recurring monthly subscription fees, to use 3G/4G WWAN systems. In remote markets where 3G/4G doesn't exist the lower throughput/ higher latency 1xRTT, EDGE, GPRS cellular data protocols might suffice depending on application (and speed may be enhanced by using load-balancing, link aggregation hardware again depending on application) or we could use cellular amplifiers/repeaters and directional high-gain antennas to improve coverage of 3G More on Improving Signal Strength


RfWeL specializes in offering solutions for large scale wireless network deployment or long range wireless ethernet bridging. Here are some of the key equipment manufacturers in this field.

Wireless WAN & Long Range Ethernet Bridging Vendors
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SCADA, M2M & Telemetry Backhaul


SCADA & Remote Telemetry systems are typically in very remote and often harsh environments. While typical systems don't require much data bandwidth other design parameters such as high availability (interference suppression & redundancy) and low cost (usually require hundreds or thousands of sensor nodes) are very important for this application




Wireless Video Surveillance Backhaul


Remote video/audio transmission. One popular application of long range broadband wireless access radios is in remote video surveillance. It is now possible to carry 10's to 100's or live video data in real-time over several miles without any quality degradation. Key tradeoffs in video surveillance applications include guaranteeing network latency and system-uptime which often requires using redundant wireless links




Remote & Backup Power


Remote power systems for Industrial SCADA systems. Solar/PV & high capacity rechargeable batteries, used as primary or backup power for remote RTU's. Our SCADA/M2M team works closely with our remote power team to build an optimal remote power system for your application




Antennas, Cables, Towers & Site Accessories

High gain Antennas play a critical role in long-range wireless systems. It is paramount to pay close attention to the antenna specifications not just the gain when designing the long range links. Factors such as beamwidth & front-to-back ratio determine interference immunity (and ultimately system capacity) while factors such as Gain & VSWR affect the link margin and ultimately the range and throughput Learn more
There's more to a long-range link than just the radios and antennas. Factors such as the tower height and design, low-loss cables, lightning surge devices, attenuators, splitters & enclosures are equally important. Rfwel is a licensed communication contractor and experienced wireless system integrator with expertise in deploying wireless link More on Enclosures
Contact us to discuss your application. Our experienced team will custom-build your design using the best-in-class equipment and industry best-known-methods. We are also a Licensed Low-Voltage Wireless Communication contractor (Arizona ROC#253407) should you need deployment assistance.

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