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Remote Wireless Data Solutions. Escape from the tethered realm!

Wireless Data Applications

Take advantage of the ubiquity of high-speed economical wireless cellular data networks to backhaul applications that previously relied on costly wireless data networks or tethered IP backhaul methods. Pervasive 3G and 3.5G cellular data networks including 1xEVDO RevA & HSUPA means that the geographic reach of these applications is now wider than ever. When the reach is not quite enough enabling technologies such as cellular bidrectional amplifiers, high gain antennas, Unlicensed Mobile Access Networks (UMAN) and Access Point Base Stations (femtocells) complete the loop.

At RfWeL we have partnered with the cellular carriers and original equipment manufacturers to offer total solutions for your wireless data application. An RfWeL Wireless Support Specialist will be happy to discuss your individual application and work with you to implement the best price/performance solution.

Click on the images below to learn more about the specific vertical applications.

Vehicle Wireless Data

Vehicle Data Connection

Take your Internet connection on the road with mobile data systems that have true support for mobility |  More

Business Wireless Data

Business Data Connection

Empower your mobile sales, service & support teams with mobile internet  |  More

Emergency Management Wireless Data

Emergency Response

Be proactive rather than reactive! Mobile data solution to handle natural and man-made disasters |  More

Remote Video Surveillance

Wireless Video Surveillance

Monitor remote locations remotely!  |  More

Data Redundancy & Backup

Business Continuity

Affordable solutions to ensure your SMB remains online when your primary Internet gateway fails |  More

Wireless Health

Wireless Telemedicine

Provide critical data to hospitals and medical professionals at home or accident site |  More

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