Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Case Studies

Industry: Oil & Gas
Products: Long range PtP bridges, Directional Antennas, Network Storage, Filters
Region: U.S.A, Oklahoma City, OK



A major oil drilling company needed a solution to remotely view activity in a remote oil rig. This system needed to be rugged to withstand the harsh environment in the rig, good quality and low cost to justify replication in other sites.

Industry: Utilities - Wind Power Generation
Products: WWAN Routers, 3G Data Modems, RF BDA's, Antennas, Long Wireless PtP & PtMp Bridges
Region: Various in U.S & Canada



Entegrity wind systems was interested in a solution to provide remote real-time data acquisition and control to wind turbines across the country. Working in close partnership with Apterra Technologies, LLC a leading provider of software and systems for remote windfarm management, RfWeL developed various solutions to backhaul RTU data and allow remote access to turbines reliably and cost-effectively.

Industry: Expo & Conventions
Products: WLAN gateway controller w/ AAA server, Multi-WAN cellular routers & 3G modems, WiFi Antennas & Amplifiers
Region: U.S.A, Mesa, AZ



East Valley Business Expo, a partnership of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa & Tempe Arizona chamber of commerce was interested to setup a reliable complimentary WiFi hotspot for their annual expos. The temporary wireless network was to cover entire Mesa convention center and was to be free for attendees with authentication. From our success and learning in 2007's expo RfWeL made significant modifications to 2008's system.

Industry: Hotels & Resorts
Product(s): Programmable wireless thermostats
Geography: U.S.A, Sedona, AZ



When the Radisson Poco Diablo Hotel in beautiful Sedona Arizona were in the process of renovating their 138 room hotel to include quality resort amenities they turned to RfWeL to provide self-controlled wireless thermostats and receivers to guarantee that guest comfort level was extremely pleasant. With careful equipment selection & RF sub-channel selection their chief engineer was able to economically and rapidly implement a feature that provides their Hotel a key differentiating amenity.