Remote Wireless Infrastructure

See below for popular connectors and suited for different scenarios. Please contact an RFWEL Wireless Infrastructure Specialist for help deciding what connector is most ideal for your particular application.


N | FME | TNC | RP-TNC | SMA | SMBRP-SMA | QMA | F | FAKRA | Mini UHF | PL-259 | UHF | BNC | RP-BNC | U.FL | 7/16 | 4.3-10

MCC | MC-Card | MCX | MMCX |

(Click on an Image below to find adapters to other connector types)

Coaxial Cable Connector Pictures
N Connectors
N-Male (Plug) N-Female (Jack)
N Male Connector image N Female Connector image
FME Connectors
FME-Male (Plug) FME-Female (Jack)
FME Male Connector image FME Female Connector image
  TNC Connectors
TNC-Male (Plug) TNC-Female (Jack)
TNC Male Connector image TNC Female Connector image
 RP-TNC Connectors
RP-TNC-Male (Plug) RP-TNC-Female (Jack)
Reverse Polarity TNC Male (plug) image Reverse Polarity TNC Female (jack) image
 SMA Connectors
SMA-Male (Plug) SMA-Female (Jack)
SMA Male Connector image SMA Female Connector image
SMB Connectors
SMB Male SMB Female  
SMB Male SMB Female
 RP-SMA Connectors
RPSMA-Male (Plug) RPSMA-Female (Jack)
Reverse Polarity SMA Male image Reverse Polarity SMA Female Connector image
 F Connectors
F Connector - Male (Plug) F Connector - Female (Jack)
F Male Connector image Female F  Connector image
 MINI UHF Connectors
Mini UHF-Male (Plug) Mini UHF-Female (Jack)
Mini UHF Male Connector image Mini UHF Female Connector image
 PL-259 Connectors
PL-259-Male (Plug) PL-259-Female (Jack)
PL259 Connector image PL-259 Female Connector image
UHF Connectors
UHF-Male (Plug) UHF-Female (Jack)
UHF Male Connector image UHF Female Connector image
BNC Connectors
BNC-Male (Plug) BNC-Female (Jack)
BNC Male Connector image BNC Female Connector image
 RP-BNC Connectors
RP-BNC-Male (Plug) RP-BNC-Female (Jack)
Reverse polarity BNC Male (Plug) image Reverse polarity BNC Female (Jack) connector image
U.FL Connectors
U.FL Connector (on PCB) U.FL Pigtail
U.FL male connector image U.FL Female Pigtail Connector image
7/16 DIN Connectors
7/16 DIN Male (Plug) 7/16 DIN Female (Jack)
7/16 DIN male image 7/16 DIN Female image
4.3-10 Connectors
4.3-10 Male (Plug) 4.3-10 Female (Jack)
4.3/10 male connector image 4.3/10 jack connector image
MCC Connectors
MCC Male MCC Female
MCC Male. MCC Female
MC-Card Connectors
MC-Card Male MC-Card Female
MC Card Male MC Card Female
MCX Connectors
MCX Male MCX Female
MCX Male MCX Female
MMXC Connectors
MMCX Male MMCX Female
MMXC Male MMXC Female
FAKRA Connectors
Coaxial cable with Fakra male connector Fakra female connector