Remote Wireless Infrastructure

Case Studies

Industry: Public Safety - Fire Protection
Products: Long range PtP millimeter wave microwave radio (60GHz), 5GHz radio, link aggregation multiWAN router
Region: U.S.A, Menlo Park, CA



Menlo Park Fire Protection district was interested in replacing their aging T1's and create a high performance link between existing site and a newly acquired site. The cost of laying a new fiber optic link was prohibitive.

To obtain the high performance - high reliability, high full duplex throughput and high security we used unlicensed 60GHz radios which offered exceptional physical security (narrow beamwidth) and data security (AES encryption). For redundancy we used an OFDM-based high performance 5GHz PtP link and bonded the two links for failover & load-balancing using an industry-leading multiWAN router.

Industry: Federal Government (EPA)
Products: Mobile long-range wireless hotspots w/ combined 3G EVDO/HSPA and 4G WiMax/LTE backhaul
Region: EPA Region 9 (Pacific Southwest)



For this project for EPA Region 9, Rfwel was tasked with outfitting Emergency Communication Trailers with mobile/nomadic wireless network for use inside the trailer and to provide a wireless hotspot to cover several hundred feet outside the trailer. We needed to utilize 3G/4G public carrier networks in such a way that we had reliable redundancy (since geography-specific signal coverage was not known apriori) as well as sufficient link-aggregation (load-balancing) to allow a good user experience for multiple concurrent users.

Industry: Oil & Gas
Products: Long range PtP bridges, Directional Antennas, Network Storage, Filters
Region: U.S.A, Oklahoma City, OK



A major oil drilling company needed a solution to remotely view activity in a remote oil rig. This system needed to be rugged to withstand the harsh environment in the rig, good quality and low cost to justify replication in other sites.

Industry: Utilities - Wind Power Generation
Products: WWAN Routers, 3G Data Modems, RF BDA's, Antennas, Long Wireless PtP & PtMp Bridges
Region: Various in U.S & Canada



Entegrity wind systems was interested in a solution to provide remote real-time data acquisition and control to wind turbines across the country. Working in close partnership with Apterra Technologies, LLC a leading provider of software and systems for remote windfarm management, RfWeL developed various solutions to backhaul RTU data and allow remote access to turbines reliably and cost-effectively.