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Cellular 3G data enables economical & reliable backhaul of SCADA & M2M systems

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SCADA/M2M & Telemetry Solutions Overview

RfWeL is dedicated to offering total solutions for remote wireless data applications. Our expertise spans the entire solutions space starting from the remote data acquisition (DAQ), wireless sensor or remote terminal unit (RTU) to the wireless backhaul network using Spread Spectrum Transceivers, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh or 3G/4G networks, and includes various components such as antennas, amplifiers, weatherized enclosures, solar/pv systems, battery backup etc. At each stage we leverage heavily our in-house expertise as well as our strategic partnerships with top equipment vendors and service providers to offer the most optimal solution for your wireless monitoring and control application.

Wireless HVAC

Wireless Temperature Sensors & Controllers

SCADA Systems

Wireless M2M, RTU & Data Acquisition

Solar for Video

Remote Site Power

Solar Systems, Battery Backup & Enclosures

Wireless Backhaul

Long Range Reliable Wireless Links

A few of the components of telematics solutions are listed below. Please contact us to discuss your remote telemetry solution. Our experienced engineers and technicians are equipped to design & implement custom SCADA/M2M solutions using industry BKM's (Best Known Methods):
Remote Terminal Units, Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ's) & telemetry sensors. The biggest challenge in custom M2M solutions lies in the RTU since different controlled/monitored systems require a different custom interface to the wireless backhaul. Our SCADA/M2M experts will identify the ideal RTU & signal conditioning hardware and where possible utilize as much of the existing investment as possible more
Remote video/audio transmission. Often in addition to monitoring remote system data industries and enterprises need co-located physical surveillance as well. Our SCADA/M2M team works closely with our remote video surveillance team to re-use as much of the ecosystem as practical more
    Real time Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and GPS asset tracking. RfWeL offers solutions ranging from standard vehicle telematics to more advanced remote monitoring and control using embedded cellular data modems with GPS. We have partnered with industry leaders to provide our customers a total solution.
    Learn more about off-the-shelf real-time GPS tracking systems more
    Learn more about embedded 3G data modems with integrated GPS modules more
Remote power systems for Industrial SCADA systems. Solar/PV & high capacity rechargeable batteries, used as primary or backup power for remote RTU's. Our SCADA/M2M team works closely with our remote power team to build an optimal remote power system for your application more
Wireless Thermostats & Comfort Sensors for the home or office are just as important as wireless sensors for industrial applications. In this case users require simplicity of programming and low cost and just as high reliability as industrial solutions. Click to learn more about how you can modify your existing HVAC for wireless thermostats to save on energy costs and for convenience more

Remote Radios.


Depending on application there exists various methods to backhaul your remote data wirelessly. These range from point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or mesh solutions where remote note are aggregated then possibly backhauled again to WWAN solutions using cellular 3G/4G or satellite BGAN/VSAT networks. Contact us to discuss your individual application.

3G routers for oil drilling Cellular 3G/4G Routers that take advantage of the recent ubiquity of high-speed economical wireless cellular data networks including 1xEVDO RevA & HSUPAto backhaul applications that previously relied on costly wireless data networks or tethered IP backhaul methods. Because you need a cellular data modem (data card) this provides the most flexibility and investment protection since as data speeds migrate it's often easy enough to replace modem while router stays intact Learn more
    Cellular Embedded Modems are especially suited for rugged environments and offer features that ease remote management and interface to remote terminal units thus enabling intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) networks Learn more
    Long Range Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint radios allow backhaul of remote data up to tens of miles. Both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands are available depending on throughput, range and reliability required Learn more
    Wireless mesh networks offer self-forming and self-healing data backhaul networks allowing for high reliability networks of interconnected wireless nodes Learn more
      Wireless Spread Spectrum Transceivers & Wireless Serial Bridges are designed specifically to withstand the harsh RF environment such as mines or factories as well as to interface legacy systems Learn more
Radio Enclosures meeting various environment specificitions depending on application are critical for a succesful remote wireless data installation more
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